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I haven't been around to write much in the past 4 years. I've been out traveling, attending university and volunteering in my community. I'm super excited to be almost done MacEwan U's Arts and Cultural Management diploma program. Also, collaborating with new artist friends while tackling assignments and taking in the new adventures as they come. I'll fill you in on being a student...It is hard work, but kept my head down and I survived with a smile on my face. Thank goodness for good friends, classmates with lots of talent and good Profs. WE DID IT!! 
I live in Edmonton during school months and home when I'm off. I feel so blessed to be able to have found a rhythm that works while away from home. I'm playing new instruments between studying and adventuring. So much history of Canadian music, art and culture and so much work to do! 

WINNIPEG, MB, Indigenous Music Conference 
I'm please to participate as a panelist for the Managing Your Music discussion at the Indigenous Music Conference, Delta Hotel Conference Centre in Winnipeg, MB. Winnipeg is like a second home and it is the music city of Canada. There are some wicked acts coming up in the Indigenous music world and I am looking forward to filling my ears with new music and good friends. The Indigenous Music Awards takes place on May 19th at Club Regent Casino. I'm not hosting an event this year which will give me prime opportunity to take in the events. Shaneen Robinson is hosting an after party on Friday, Desiree Dorian has her CD release May 18th, and I'm sure they'll be an event at the Marlborough worth a jam with friends. 

KANSAS CITY, MI, Folk Alliance International 
I played in Kansas City, MI for the Folk Alliance International Showcases. Big thank you to the Folk Alliance staff, crew and volunteers for all the hospitality. Played in the Breakout West room and caught shows by Rita Chiarelli, Digging Roots, Terra Lightfoot, William Prince, Leonard Sumner, Las Cafeteras, and Quantum Tangle. I will have to say the best rooms were Breakout West rooms, Folk Music Canada, Music Ontario. Talent and hospitality were exceptional. Highly recommend attending a Folk Alliance Conference. 

If you're planning on showcasing: 

Try to play 3-5 events as a first timer. 
This is a financial investment for your career. Plan, Budget, get your Visa's and secure Funding; Plan and stick to it. 
There's a lot going on, you play in a hotel room converted into a performance space and its very intimate and can be hot and full of revelers. 
Try to be on early in the first two days and get in a good room that is in or close to the hot spots. 
Invest in ad space, booklet and online marketing with FAI tools. 
Have merch, freebies, and all your communication tools (marketing/promo plan) and social media updated 

What's coming up! 
This Summer, I'm heading home to Inuvik to work with the Great Northern Arts Festival before returning to University to complete my BA. Exciting times and I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

New music and new group in development. Looking forward to working with talented folks. I'll have sample coming soon. 

Touring the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre for 10 days of the Storytelling Festival in October.

Dates and locations in your area coming soon!!
For more information or to book a workshop in your area please drop us a line at:

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