1. Left


You stole my heart away, I fell hard
Now only after years feel the pain
As sounds of laughter turned to tear stains
I look in the mirror nothings the same

What do you when there’s nothing left to say?
Where do you go when pride gets in your way?
They say sin never comes wrapped as sin
I found out too late, and I let you in

You used tangled words like a sword
Cut me open with words that bled
Ignoring the lies to keep the faith
Another day in a life of hell

Sometimes a pretty package holds nothing good
Unraveled deception and angry words
Everyday a new heartache
I give an I gave and you take

Today we’re leaving you’re on your way
The best gifts in life is worth the wait
I know sin never comes wrapped as sin
Freedom is mine a small price to pay

You packed your bags, what’s left to say
Good byes the best gift you ever gave
I’m starting all over again
I’ll take what’s min what’s left of me.