1. Never Forget

Dedicated to The Survivors with Love, Leanne Goose


Never Forget – Leanne Goose

We walked by the river, Grandpa held my hand
And told me the stories, about our great land
He said baby never forget, Who you are
And when you are lonely, know you are in my heart.
Then they came, and took me far away.
Where big black robes tried to wash me away
They cut my hair, tried to silence my tongue.
I was so lonely, it broke me heart.

I heard kids crying in the middle of the night.
I watched as they changed into ghosts in daylight.
Told we were dirty, how we’d never be clean
Then took our bodies to do what they pleased
We were bathed by those so callus and mean
I thought they broke the Spirit in Me.

A day came, and I was set free
I asked Great Spirit, help me please.
Forgive those who lied, used your name in vain.
Hear our story, heal our hearts
Now love is alive, in the face of a child
We were down but not broken, each day a new start
Let forgiveness take over me.